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When To Call A Small Moves Expert

Sometimes you need a person to help you move just a bunch of items.  Usually this does not imply a total household moving, but rather sending items to your friends or relatives. For example, you can send your old fridge to your grandma if you just bought a new one.  So, you will need the services of a company who handles this sort of things. Find out when to call a small moves expert and contact Ian’s Movers for more info about this type of service.

301068_311555915527079_81491844_nYou should hire a small move expert if you have to move few items down the street, town or even on the other side of the country.  The reasons we hire movers, even though it’s all about a couple of items will be related to the provided logistic support. If you do not have a transport vehicle or proper lifting and loading equipment, you should better call a specialized company.

To be considered a small move, the total weight of the transported items should be less than 2000 pounds. You will need a specialized mover to accept this weight, since moving companies specialized in household and commercial relocations work with higher numbers.

A small mover would charge you for the total space occupied by the cargo. Usually, relocation companies charge the clients by making them for the entire trailer. So, if you do not choose a small moves expert, you may end up overpaying for space you do not use.  Instead, small moves experts will allow you to share the space of the van with another client or more and share the costs.

Since small moves usually imply furniture, you can expect to find movers highly specialized, which know exactly what moving supplies to use for protecting the items during transit.

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