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How To Pack Heavy Items For a Move

Packing heavy items for a move is a really challenging and exhausting task. Not to mention that you must keep focus all the time. In many cases, those heavy items are also very valuable and damaging them is not an option. Moving specialty heavy items requires skill and experience. Ian’s Movers consists of veteran movers, familiar with packing and moving heavy items and they are willing to share some tips.

9-moving-furnitureKeep in mind that heavy items present some risks to the safety of the people who are packing and carrying them, to the property they are being taken in or out of and to their own good condition. Injuries caused while carrying heavy can be quite gruesome and leave a person debilitated for a long period of time.

The first thing to do when packing heavy items is to ensure that you have the right moving supplies. You will need heavy duty shipping boxes and double-ply cardboard boxes that will support the weight of your heavy items. Purchase specialty boxes for more delicate and valuable belongings. Plastic or wooden crates are also a sound option.  Use plenty of bubble wrap to create a thick protective layer around items. The quality and durability of the moving supplies is essential.

Use small moving boxes for packing heavy items. Placing a lot of heavy items in a single large box will make it harder to carry and more prone to break under the weight of its contents. Make sure to reinforce the boxes with heavy duty packing tape. This will reduce the risk of them falling apart when lifted and carried around. You should line the bottoms of the boxes with large size bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or corrugated cardboard for extra safety.

If possible, remove any detachable parts from larger heavy items and pack them separately for better protection. This applies for furniture, gym equipment, all sorts of tools and equipment, etc.  It is also recommended to get a user manual, so you can easily reassemble the equipment once you finish moving in the new home.

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