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How To Pack Bedroom Furniture For A Move

When preparing for a move, bedroom may pose serious problems. In this room we usually keep our wardrobe, TV, audio systems and a wide variety of electronics, furniture and personal belongings.  Bedroom contains some heavy pieces of furniture, like bed, sofas, couches and closets, all of them needing to be carefully transported. Find out how to pack bedroom furniture for a move and call Ian’s Movers experts if you need help.

easier-packingThe first thing you should always do when moving furniture, no matter if it is bedroom or kitchen, is to remove the drawers. Memorize or write where each drawer goes, because some dresser drawers fit only in a specific order.

If it is possible, you should disassemble large furniture items.  Before doing that, you should look for user guide manuals with schematics or take pictures showing the structure of the item.  It is also recommended to label each part.  In this way, re-assembling the furniture will be easier.  Keep all the nuts and bolts in a labeled plastic bag. If you consider hiring a mover, ask for disassembling services, since many companies are more than willing to provide it.

Before carrying the furniture downstairs, you should provide an adequate level of protection. Make sure that all surfaces are clean and dry and remove any obstacle on the way.  If you are worried about the furniture getting scratched, you should buy foils of bubble wrap and tape the edges of the furniture.

Moving beds, dressers or bureaus requires teamwork.  When moving furniture up or down the stairs, the stronger person should be at the bottom, keeping the weight and balance under control.  Other heavy items require dollies or hand-trucks for lifting and moving.  If you are moving mirrors or other similar fragile items, use blankets to cushion and protect the items.

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